In addition to our vast array of products and supplies, Piedmont Foundry Supply also has a manufacturing department.  Among the products that we produce at our Cloverdale location are pre-cast refractory shapes, sand molds, and cores.

Air Set Core Department

Utilize Tinker Omega TOM -125 High Speed Continuous Mixer for 3 part, computer controlled

Produces high quality sand molds, large or small.  Capacity range from just a few ounces to 2000 lbs.

Hot Shell Core Department

Utilize Harrison shell core machines

Adaptable to core box sizes up to 18”

Uses resin coated sand or if your application requires a different type of sand we can accommodate


Once cores are manufactured they are filed and assembled, as necessary, and packed, all by hand.  We pay attention to detail and special instructions set by you.  Packaging plays a very important role in getting cores to you, in one piece.  We use various methods of packing, to make sure your cores are not damaged in transit.  Cores can be palletized, placed in boxes or crates, and shrink wrapped.  We can customize packaging as you require or use your packaging that meets the demands of your system.